Grant Wood Loop

The Grant Wood Mississippi River Region (GWMRR) is a multi-jurisdictional, bi-partisan, public-private partnership intended to create exceptional places and experiences for Iowans and visitors alike. This collaboration, Iowa’s first Parks to People initiative, is working together to erase the boundaries and “enhance, promote, sustain, and connect” the region’s cultural, natural, and park assets. The region encompasses a three-county area now known as the Grant Wood Loop.

GWLMP 2022 Update Final

Through funding from the Dubuque Racing Association, Core Grant program, the Grant Wood Mississippi River Region Board of Directors embarked on a six-month planning process to develop a long term strategic and sustainability plan.  The plan provides a roadmap for the future for the Grant wood region. Our Strategic Plan for the future of Grant Wood Loop can be found here: Grant Wood Loop Strategic Plan March 2023

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The Grant Wood Loop encompasses Dubuque, Jackson, and Jones counties and a population of just under 140,000. Our natural resources and thriving arts communities provide a perfect canvas for investing in our people, parks, and future. Town after town, park after park, offer the kind of experience that give residents and visitors alike the opportunity to connect with the outdoors, connect to friends and family, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Grant Wood Loop Master Plan
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