Planning Activities

Planning activities that focus on brownfields reuse are eligible for ECIA Brownfields Assessment funds. ECIA is the administer of a  Brownfields Coalition Assessment Grant from U.S. EPA. Grant funds can be used on eligible site planning activities to initiate brownfields revitalization and prepare a site for redevelopment. Planning Activities eligible for use of funds include:


· Site Reuse Assessment

· Land Use Assessment

· Market Study

· Infrastructure Evaluation

· Community Health Assessment

· Site Disposition Strategy

· Site Reuse Vision

· Revitalization Plan

· Resource Roadmap

· Evaluation of Market Viability    



ECIA and its consultants prepared seven planning activities under the FY20 U.S. EPA Brownfields Assessment Coalition Grant. Below is a link to some of these activities.

To learn more about ECIA’s Brownfields program or to see if ECIA may be able to assist with a planning activity for a brownfield site/area in your community contact Dawn Danielson at


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