Healthy Homes Production

The Healthy Homes grant makes our community’s housing stock safer by addressing commonly seen deficiencies.  Our focus is on water infiltration/indoor air quality, but we can address any issues we see that fall within HUD’s Eight Principles of a Healthy Home. The eight principles are:

  1. Keep it dry – examples include replace roofs, cracked windows, missing exterior components, etc.
  2. Keep it clean – examples include removing exterior or interior hazards, etc.
  3. Keep it safe – examples include electrical hazards, trip hazards, handrails, exterior doors, etc.
  4. Keep it well ventilated – examples include exhaust fans, replace windows, etc.
  5. Keep it pest free – examples include hiring exterminators, offering training, patching walls etc.
  6. Keep it contaminant free – examples include addressing lead dust, chemical storage, etc.
  7. Keep it well maintained – examples are interior and exterior hazards, replacing siding or roofing etc.
  8. Keep it thermally controlled – examples include HVAC systems, windows, exhaust fans, etc.

We can justify nearly any work within reason. 

Target Area:  Cedar, Clinton, Delaware, Dubuque and Jackson Counties (excludes the city of Dubuque as they were awarded their own grant)

# of units:  110 homes to be modified

Eligibility: Owner-occupied or tenant-occupied homes with 80% LMI or below


Fill out our inquiry (insert link) form, email  or call 563-690-5791 to learn more.

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