Strategic Planning

The importance of planning for the future has never been more critical for non-profits. Organizations must be creative in their thinking about the future and be proactive rather than reactive in their daily activities. ECIA staff can facilitate this inclusive planning process and give your organization a road map for the future. This road map is important when planning for projects that require board and community support when funding opportunities arise.

During the FY 2017 Budget process for the city of Clinton, Iowa, it was decided that there needed to be a study done to show if there were viability for the Clinton Fire Department, as an ALS Emergency Ambulance Service, to provide non-emergent medical transfers for the area. Then City Administrator Jessica Kinser decided that using ECIA would be the most cost-effective way to undertake this project.  In July of 2016, Fire Chief Mike Brown and EMS Director Greg Forari, as well as Kinser, met with Jennifer Walker of ECIA to discuss what we were looking for, what the issues were, and what the final product would look like.


"In no time at all Jennifer had an outline and work assignments for everyone involved.  It is amazing how fast she was able to grasp the very complex issue of fire-based EMS vs. private, and how she was able to identify opportunities and threats that we hadn’t even considered. She was able to reach out to a vast network of stake holders to get the very best data, and to put together a report that now gives us a framework from which to work. Without a doubt our expectations were exceeded!"
- Mike Brown
Clinton Fire Chief
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