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Transportation Planning

What is the TIP?
A Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is the Dubuque Metropolitan Area Transportation Study (DMATS) 4- year financial implementation program listing of transportation improvement projects eligible for Federal funding. It is the DMATS transportation investment program, consisting of capital and operating improvements to the Metropolitan Transportation System. The TIP is multi-modal. It includes investments in various modes such as transit, highway, bicycle, and pedestrian facilities. The TIP is the means of implementing the goals and objectives identified in the DMATS Long-Range Transportation Plan.

What does the TIP include?
The FFY2007 - 2010 TIP for the DMATS Metropolitan Area is a four year listing of federal aid eligible transportation projects selected for implementation by the various governmental agencies comprising DMATS, in consultation with, and by approval of the DMATS Policy Board in cooperation with Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin Departments of Transportation. The TIP is prepared annually by the DMATS Policy Board and Technical Advisory Committee. DMATS technical work is supported by staff members from the East Central Intergovernmental Association (ECIA).

Prioritization of projects within a project year is done by the implementing agencies with the approval of the Policy Board. Prioritization of Long Range Transportation Plan projects is done cooperatively between DMATS and implementing agencies on a year to year basis.

How are projects selected?

  1. The appropriateness of the particular project in relation to the present DMATS goals.
  2. The appropriateness of the particular project in relation to the best available cost and revenue estimates for the next four fiscal years.
  3. The input of State, County and City officials, the local transit operators, the private sector, and others as represented through DMATS.
  4. Consistency of the transportation projects in the TIP with the air quality standards outlined in the State Implementation Plan and with local land use planning and economic development.

These documents contain projects identified for improvement or construction from the DMATS 2031 Long-Range Transportation Plan.

DMATS FY 2008-2011 TIP DOC

DMATS FY 2008-2011 TIP Road Project Sheet

DMATS FY 2008-2011 TIP Transit Project Sheet

DMATS FY 2008-2011 TIP Project Location Map

DMATS FY 2008-2011 TIP Project Funding


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