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Transportation Planning

Transportation 2031 Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)

The DMATS Vision

The Dubuque Metropolitan Area remains a vibrant part of the Upper Midwest Mississippi River region, with a transportation system that provides efficient movement of people and goods. This system promotes the area's economy and environmental quality and operates in an attractive and safe setting that serves everyone. The system is fiscally sustainable, driven by a collaboration of involvement by citizens and key stakeholders, promotes areas of concentrated growth, manages both demand and capacity, employs the best technology, and unites air, bicycle, pedestrian, rail, roadway, mass transit, and waterway facilities into one fully interconnected network.

What is a Long-Range Transportation Plan?

A long-range transportation plan is a plan focusing on transportation related issues in a specific area over a 20-year period. This plan is required by federal law and is designed to provide a view of the current transportation trends in the area as well as to aid in projecting potential changes for the area into the future. The current planning process is for the year 2031 and the plan is called the 2031 Long-Range Transportation Plan. It is an update from the 2025 Long-Range Transportation Plan adopted in October of 2001. The 2031 plan is guided by a set of Goals, Principles, and Objectives updated from the 2025 transportation plan. The major focus of the update to 2031 was to ensure that Federal requirements were met and reflect current transportation issues and concerns of the Dubuque Metropolitan Area Transportation Study (DMATS).

DMATS 2031 Long Range Transportation Plan



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